company & me „mentor me“, is specified for people with potential, who want to further develop professionally.




„Mentor me“ is a unique tool to optimise or improve your career and unlock potential in order to help flourish your social skills and competencies. All in all it is important to establish mutual trust and appreciation.

  • You are already working in a leading position or as a project manager and have a concern or problem that needs to be improved or solved?
  • You are currently trying to further develop professionally and make a major personal contribution to the company‘s success and want to benefit from the experience of many years of leadership and management?
  • You want to specifically and successfully prepare for your next move in your career?
  • You are facing a conflict and need to work on an appropriate solution?

These are just some of the many opportunities to make use of a mentoring and to improve your current situation in a supported way.

In order to discuss further questions or possibilities of working together I gladly remain at your disposal


What use can you make of a mentoring?


Within a mentoring we can get down to urgent matters or issues that have become more and more severe during the past. We are going to work on these specific problem areas and take up the enquiry in order to set out concrete solutions.

As an external mentor I am working very discreetly and neutral so that I am able to give effective and goal-oriented advice.

You are going to receive honest and appreciative feedback.

Together we are going to illuminate blind spots in your personal perception and behavior patterns in order to find new ways of coping with different situations and exploring alternative procedures.

By reflecting on recent or upcoming projects we are trying out new techniques that can then contribute to clear thinking in other areas and in order to set new goals. By finding the best implementation strategy, those goals might even come to light as completely revised or modified. It is important to keep in mind what you want to pursue and in what direction you want to develop yourself.


What kind of results can you expect?

  • You are going to identify new resources and ways to achieve your goals.
  • You are going to develop alternatives to your previous actions and can consider this mentoring as a laboratory to train skills, as a protected and trusted environment, where you can find more confidence and direction in your working life. 
  • You are going to improve your judgment and gain the ability to think ahead. Therefore you can evaluate your own behavior and the behavior of your own environment much more efficiently.
  • You are going to edit and upgrade your team and social skills and competence.
  • You are going to develop your specific implementation plan and can thus verify the success of your implementation at any time.

How is the procedure of a mentoring?


First you are going to tell me all about your explicit matter of concern and the topics that are in need of mentoring. This first conversation is for free.

Thereafter we are going to conclude a contract, which contains both, the tangible demand and mission, as well as the costs of a mentoring.

At the beginning of our joint work you are going to describe, analyze and compare the status quo with the desired status.

Consequently we are going to work on your personal goal statements and an implementation plan, in order to reach the desired state.

I am going to support you methodologically and give feedback.

One meeting lasts for 90 minutes.

At the end of the mentoring sessions is a final, concluding discussion.


What does a mentoring cost?


You have the possibility to choose between individual hours or a mentoring package, which consists of 6 mentorings à 90 minutes. The duration is likely to vary considerably, depending on your needs and requirements.

The best way to clarify many things is to talk personally. Link to contact


Your mentor - profile


I am convinced, that each and every one of us is carrying solutions within him or herself. The mission is therefor, to discover, activate and support those resources, in order to translate them into action. As a leadership I have experienced that this way of thinking and acting leads to positive outcomes and accomplished to help my colleagues to achieve their goals or to develop further. The success of implementation is significantly higher as soon as people start to set their own goals.

What makes me a qualified mentor?

  • more than 20 years of experience in work, more than half of this time as a leadership - also in intercultural environments
  • Education as a systemic consult and coach
  • Further education as an executive leadership at the SAID Business School, University of Oxford
  • Training and regular further educations as a mentor
  • Volutarily mentor at the health care women eV to support and encourage women in leadership positions
  • My empathy, curiosity and interest in people and their development