health consulting

Health and well-being directly influence our efficiency in any performance. Next to the individual behavioral patterns and ways of living and the social environment, working conditions play a significant role. That’s why organizational structures, processes, corporate culture, leadership, the way teams work together and many more factors are so important and not to fall into oblivion.


Even if the responsibility for health care lies within each individual, we are required to create appropriate conditions in the context of the company. At the same time this entrepreneurial responsibility brings a long term benefit to the employer’s brand.  With the demographic change, the discussion regarding expert deficits and the changed world of work e.g. due to the digitization, in mind, this is without a doubt a meaningful investment.


For my customers in companies, I create strategic concepts that contribute to the preventive health of the employees. This involves the development of a specific goal formation as well as a corresponding implementation plan with measures, that contribute to the success of the company.

My private clients are supported in the implementation of their individual plans in order to promote their health behavior on the basis of their own objectives. What applies in this regard too is, that there are no standard solutions, but customized solutions, tailored to the individual which then lead to a real sense of achievement.


The basis for my consultation is built up by the following topics:

  • Nutrition
  • Motion
  • Relaxation
  • as well as mental training

In the practical implementation I work closely with experts and committees – internally and externally – in the relevant subjects.


> Health consulting for companies


What kind of benefits do you have from company & me Health Consulting?

  • You are participating in the health promotion of your employees and contribute to the overall well-being and health.
  • You are increasing the commitment, motivation and therefore the performance of your employees and overall.
  • You are acting actively and are therefore able to avoid cost-causing absences due to illnesses.
  • These measures will contribute positively to your employer brand.  


What kind of results can you expect?

  • On basis of a company-specific analysis you know your need for action.
  • You develop a concrete goal in order to promote health in your company
  • You receive a holistic concept as well as an implementation plan along with the appropriate measures.
  • If you wish, I am accompanying the implementation of the measures and take over the evaluation of success.

In order to discuss further questions or possibilities of working together I gladly remain at your disposal


> Health consulting for private clients


What kind of benefits do you have from Health Consulting?

  • You develop a concrete goal for yourself.
  • You develop your own personal implementation plan and the needed measures.
  • You know how to put these measures into action.
  • You are aware of the possible obstacles of the implementation and are prepared for them to overcome.

The best way to clarify many things is to talk personally.